Live the hope that you have in Christ.

If you haven’t heard of it already, Hope Has a Name, is a podcast from TWR Women of Hope featuring Dr. Peggy Banks, the global ministry director, and Babbie Mason, an accomplished singer/songwriter. Here’s five reasons why you should check out the podcast:

  1. It’s relevant. Peggy and Babbie have a wealth of experience in everything from ministry, to business, to leadership, to family, to education, and music.
  2. It’s candid and even humorous. Just listen to Episode #7 “Using Our Weakness.”
  3. It gets into some deep stuff. Vulnerability, identity, diversity and more are all on the table.
  4. It’s Scripturally grounded. Dr. Peggy Banks has her Ph.D. in ministry and Babbie Mason is a gifted Christian writer and music artist.
  5. It’s short. 15 minutes or less. You can listen to it while you’re in the car or folding laundry.

If that hasn’t convinced you, then we will have to have the episodes speak for themselves. You can listen to and download the latest episodes of Hope Has a Name on TWR360.

Be sure to let us know what you liked and what we can improve on. Also, tell us what other topics you would like to see be discussed! We want to include you in this conversation as we talk about what it means to live as women of hope. Now go listen!