Many ladies live in families and communities where there are few women available to help them understand the Bible and learn how to live the Christian life. Some also have no one to talk with about skills such as preparing healthy meals, understanding medical issues, improving relationships, or managing finances. Much as Paul asked how people will hear the gospel if there are no preachers, we might ask on these ladies’ behalf, “How can they learn without a teacher?” Women need mentors to encourage them to keep learning and to inspire them to reach their highest potential for God’s glory.

Women mentors want to share their love for cooking, writing, or leading as well as other skills, knowledge, and experience that they have gained in life. Women mentees are eager to learn from others. All people can share their knowledge. Age isn’t a factor. No one is ever too old or too young to learn or to teach. Learning and applying new information, skills, and ideas help us mature. No one person can teach us everything we need to learn in the many areas of our lives, so it is wise to look for several mentors willing to coach us in specific aspects. 

A mentoring relationship starts with discussing our expectations. What issues do we want to focus on (personal, family, skills, theology, leadership, prayer)? How often do we want to meet and in what type of surroundings (an office, home, public place – perhaps even outdoors)? What type of communication (listening, lecturing, demonstrating, or some combination) works best for us? Some mentees need someone to listen to their struggles and help them discover solutions.

Mentoring relationships involve commitment, which enables us to help each other honor God in all areas of our lives.

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