Defining poverty is difficult. The poor in developed countries look very different from the poor in Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, or Somalia. But most everyone would agree that people are extremely poor if they do not have food to eat at least once a day. People also would be considered very poor if they do not have a room to sleep in or at least two sets of clothes and one pair of shoes to wear. Poor communities often have no clean water, local clinic, or school. Sadly, this describes millions of people and communities in our world today.

Progress is being made in helping women and children who live in extreme poverty. Campaigns to provide vaccines, malaria medicine, mosquito nets, clean water, education, and better health care are a few examples. But progress is often temporary when a medical need, natural disaster, or war pushes families back into financial ruin.

Women who live in dire circumstances because of droughts, floods, disease, abandonment, and war courageously look for ways for their families to survive. They are willing to work hard, to learn new skills, and make sacrifices. A single mother may be providing the very basic needs of her children until she becomes sick with cholera or malaria and as a result can’t cook to feed her family. She certainly can’t walk miles for water. Her small garden may die because she can’t care for it.

Astonishingly, many of the world’s poor have not allowed their circumstances to dictate doom and gloom for their lives. They still find love and have families. They learn to make do with the little they have available. TWR Women of Hope comes alongside, helping women rise above their circumstances and find eternal hope and healing in Jesus.

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