Family violence is a tragedy that destroys the lives of females, children, elderly people, and disabled people in every country. Abusive words or actions that seek to emotionally, physically, or psychologically control someone are often accepted as a family matter by community officials and religious leaders. Many victims are financially dependent on their abusive partners or parents, and without money or a safe place to go, they may feel that leaving seems impossible.

Many victims believe their love will change their abusive parents or partners. Most abusers, however, are manipulative and can convince the abused ones that they, the victims, did something wrong to cause the violence. The abusers often charm their victims into forgiving them or use fear to keep them from seeking help.

Whether by brutal words, controlling behavior, or physical and sexual abuse, violence by a caregiver, boyfriend, family member, or other loved one is humiliating and devastating. Mothers as well as fathers sell their young daughters as brides or prostitutes or force them to undergo female circumcisions. Husbands and mothers-in-law torture and scar wives with acid or boiling water for “dishonoring the family.”

Victims of family violence in several countries are offered skills training by TWR Women of Hope staff and volunteers so that they can provide for their children and escape the control of their abusers. The Women of Hope program offers words of hope and healing to listeners in 71 languages and helps women realize they are precious to God and should to be treated with respect.

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