Praying for Women in Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa

CAMENA is the shorthand name used by TWR for the region comprising Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. In this area of the world, becoming a Christian is sometimes illegal. This may include being arrested, interrogated or imprisoned. Many have been pushed out of jobs, denied an education or prohibited from using local water and other community services. Changing one’s religion can also result in being rejected, threatened, attacked, or even killed by family members. As a result, many Christians try to keep their faith a secret, even from a spouse or parent.

Christians in the CAMENA region don’t know whom to trust. They are often isolated, with no church gathering for mutual encouragement, learning, or strengthening. However, these believers value the hope they have found in Jesus and want desperately to grow in their understanding of God. Radio programs are very important in giving them knowledge from God’s Word that strengthens them through their challenging circumstances.

Many women in the CAMENA region have been taught that they are of little value. No one cares about their ideas, opinions, or emotions. They are expected to work hard serving others in their families. Females are also humiliated and abused at work, at school, and in their communities. Few women dare to report abuse to the police. Often, rape is blamed on the woman and not the man. Their lives are miserable. 

Through TWR Women of Hope radio programs in the privacy of their homes, isolated and abused women find caring voices, helpful advice, and acceptance. They begin to understand that God has the power to lift them above their dreadful circumstances and restore their dignity through the grace and love of Jesus.

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