What difference does your financial gift make?

The short answer - a world of difference! Through your support of TWR Women of Hope, God uses you to make a direct impact in the lives of thousands of women who are hungry for hope. We reach women who are out of reach. We speak messages from God’s heart to their heart in the language of their soul. Your generosity today is more than meeting practical needs like translation, production, air time, staffing, leadership development, materials, and distribution. It is bringing the eternal hope of Jesus Christ in a unprecedented and effective way!


More Details & Specific Projects

TWR Women of Hope Global Fund

Your support of the TWR Women of Hope Global Fund is an investment in the global vision to bring hope in Jesus Christ to women around the world and across the generations! It’s a big vision God has entrusted to us and we trust Him to resource it. Our annual global need is $1.65 million dollars and our budget goal for the United States is $375,000. Your gift today will help:

  • Provide Biblical messages in over 70 languages through radio and digital ministry
  • Resource over 400 national leaders, producers, translators and volunteers who are the hands and feet of Jesus in the countries we serve
  • Grow the prayer movement through our monthly calendar translated in over 90 languages
  • Invest in the global infrastructure that allows us to reach millions of women in an effective, powerful, and personal way

Bottom line - Your gift speaks hope. Your reach is global. Your impact is eternal. You help express God’s heart for women to receive his hope!


Women of Hope Languages

Would you like to make a direct impact in the heart language of women in our world?

While our flagship radio and digital program broadcasts in over 70 languages, below is our language list needing financial support right now. Please take a look and see if there are women you’d like to see God transform in the language of their heart! Thanks for your prayerful consideration and sharing God’s blessings in your life in this way!

Special Projects

Do you want to make a personal impact in the lives of women caught in human/sex trafficking? We need people like you to give directly to our strategic ministry to women – who are treasures to Jesus – but are hidden in brothels, refugee camps or homes around the world.

Hidden Treasures is a specialized ministry of TWR Women of Hope providing lipstick size mp3 players containing audio dramas dealing directly with trafficking issues women are facing today and providing messages of hope and healing. Currently our outreach is in Eastern Europe with other areas in development.



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