One of my favorite examples in the Bible of a faithful mother is Hannah. Her story starts without any children, but day and night she would cry out to the Lord for a child. Eventually, she was blessed with a son who would do mighty things for the kingdom of God.

“She prayed and said: ‘My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high.’” (1 Samuel 2:1)

Even before Hannah had her son, she had faith that a child would one day come. Her devotion to prayer became the heart of TWR Women of Hope – when we fall on our knees before the Lord, lives are entirely shifted.

Talk about total trust in the Lord… Is there a time where you felt like you had no control over your situation? Have you ever received a word from God that seemed hopeless at the time, but He was faithful to answer your prayers?

Our heavenly Father inclines his ear to hear our cries (Ps 116:2), and catch our tears in a bottle (Ps 56:8). He delights in bringing us joy and sings over us with songs of steadfast love. As daughters of the Most High God, we can trust that our Father wants to give us good things.

One of the most beautiful things women are gifted with is the privilege of motherhood.

A mother plays a vital role in nurturing her children and shaping them into who God has created them to be. Through faith and prayer, she has the power to influence generations to come.

Unfortunately, in some regions of the world, women are used only for their ability to bear a child. They are undervalued and ostracized – sometimes physically abused if they cannot carry children.

I am not a mother myself, but God has reminded me that the Holy Spirit births something in each and every one us. He may conceive a passion within you, or a dream, that will make an impact for His Kingdom.

No matter what your role may be, I pray that you would realize the strength God has birthed inside of you. Through His grace, you have the power to change the atmosphere around you. .. You have the gift to speak new life into your families and communities through heartfelt prayers.

This month let us lift up those women who may not be cherished for this God-given gift. There are still many who don’t know the hope of Christ Jesus, and many mothers feel depressed and unseen.

Let’s pray together that society would honor the beauty of motherhood, and that all women would trust in the Lord who is faithful to provide.