Maggan Johansson · Submitted:
Please pray for Elise, one of TWR Women of Hope's most devoted intercessors in Sweden. She is more than 81 years old now. She is know by everyone in Sweden, including the King and Queen and police. ... read more


Benjamin Mansell · Submitted:
I pray for my beautiful relationship with my lovely lady Cynthia. I pray love, prosperity, patience, happiness and joy for our family together with the boys Rishon, Nathan and Justin. I also pray for total success in my job change. Praise... read more

Central African Republic

Philomène MBAKOSSI NEDE · Submitted:
Please pray for an end to the internal crisis in the Central African Republic that has left women and children particularly vulnerable; they are victims of sexual abuse by the various armed groups operating in the country. ... read more

Widows in Albania

Ledi Hebibasi · Submitted:
Please pray for Flora, the women’s leader in the Nazarene church. She is quite new in the church and she is a widow herself. Her heart is to serve the widows in her city and around her community. Would you please pray for her and God’s... read more

Healing for Pastor Clarence

Brenda Lombard · Submitted:
Please pray for Pastor Clarence, our Sango translator who faithfully works with Philomene, the national coordinator for TWR Women of Hope in Central African Republic. His left leg is not broken, but badly injured to the bone. He is at home,... read more

Praise and pray for meetings.

Praise the Lord for the wonderful contacts Peggy Banks and Ann Chastain made during ten meetings in four days in Atlanta, Georgia, last week. ... read more

TWR Women of Hope Xhosa training

Brenda Lombard · Submitted:
Thank you for your prayers!  The Radio Producers’ Training at the TWR offices in Kempton Park last week went well.  Continue to pray for the ladies trained to produce the isiXhosa Women of Hope programme that they will become a team... read more

Seriously ill mom.

My daughter LP is alone in southern South America and unable to work to provide food and clothing for 11 year old son. read more

Events in Atlanta, GA

Please pray for Peggy Banks and Ann Chastain as they meet with several groups in the Atlanta area May 16-20 and invite them to join TWR Women of Hope’s ministry offering hope and healing in Jesus to women around the world and across... read more

a job & healing God's voice

Please pray that God will open the right door for a good job (in Germany) & that I can hear His voice again and more clearly. read more

Opportunites to present TWR Women of Hope ministries

Eeva Vähäsarja · Submitted:
Please pray for Yvonne and the wonderful opportunities she has to present TWR Women of Hope in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland. She is a volunteer and a real gift from God to TWR Women of Hope. ... read more

Praise the Lord!

Sarita TWR Nepal · Submitted:
Praise the Lord for touching so many lives through Women of Hope programs. ... read more