Praise for Speaking Hope to Women event

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Praise the Lord for the Speaking Hope to Women event that was held on July 14 at the Kempton Park Methodist Church in South Africa. Pray that the women who attended will passionately pursue a deeper relationshiop with God and find ways... read more

New Languages in West Africa

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please pray for wisdom and the people needed so that TWR Women of Hope West Africa can provide the monthly prayer calendars and "Women of Hope" programs in the Sango and Fon languages for the war-ravaged women of Central African Republic... read more

Christians in Nigeria

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please pray for Christians in Nigeria. Jihad is spreading through the Christian communities, leaving in its wake hundreds of lost lives and devastted homes. read more

Somali translator

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
TWR Women of Hope's translator for the Somali prayer calendar and Peggy's monthly letter is moving from Europe back to Africa. She will not be able to do the translation work in the future. ... read more

Central African Republic

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please lift up TWR Women of Hope's Sango translator and Central African Republic National Coordinator. This couple has an amazing ministry to the ladies in this country. They have fled their homes at times of danger, he had a terrible... read more

WhatsApp saves girls from marriage in Kenya

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Women use WhatsApp to report possible victims of child marriages. Continue to pray that more girls will be saved from a life of misery after being forced to marry an older man. ... read more

health and peace

agnaldo hasegawa · Submitted:
Please help for Luis Kiyoshi Hasegawa and for Luisa Matiko Hasegawa, and for our family. Thanks read more

Answer to your prayers for Fire in Colorado

Joanne McKnight · Submitted:
After 16 days of the fire and the effects of the smoke that filled our valley every morning, God sent a blessed rain from Bud, the cyclone that approached Mexico. ... read more

Praise for Women's Conference

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Praise the Lord for the 100 women who were able to attend the TWR Women's conference in a restricted access area recently. They come from isolated areas and have few opportunities to spend time with other women who are serving the Lord in... read more

Praise for Malagasy translator

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Glory be for God! He gave us a sister to do the translation of the monthly prayer calendars from French into the Malagasy language. ... read more

French Translator

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Dear Heavenly Father, please provide our faithful French translator for many years, Sylvie, with a volunteer to come alongside her and help her with this important task of providing the monthly prayer calendars and Peggy’s letters in the... read more

New Languages

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please pray for Estella and Philile as they travel to encourage TWR Women of Hope team members throughout Africa. Pray for them as they see the massive needs of women in these countries. ... read more