Prayer and Fasting

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
All of our TWR Women of Hope leaders around the world are joining together in prayer and fasting from February 28 – March 8 culminating in a two-hour prayer gathering on March 8. Please pray that each leader would be set apart to God in... read more

Protection for our leaders

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Lord, we lift up our TWR Women of Hope teams in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Put your protection around our leaders and use them mightily to share the gospel and disciple women in this region. read more

Hidden Treasures Part Two

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we pray for Paula and Walter, our script writers for Hidden Treasures 2, TWR Women of Hope’s audio drama ministering to women experiencing sexual exploitation. Lord, give them your inspiration as they write these scripts. Be with... read more

God guide our plans

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for TWR Women of Hope’s regional coordinators as they meet with our national coordinators and leaders within their regions. May God establish these relationships, give them wisdom and guide their plans. read more

TWR Women of Hope Conferences

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for God’s timing in planning TWR Women of Hope conferences around the globe. Susie Pek, our global director, desires to meet with our teams and asks for God’s wisdom in the timing of all of these events. read more

Susie Pek's time in the U.S.

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for Susie Pek as she travels to the U.S. May Susie’s time with her team and everyone at TWR be profitable and a special time of learning and bonding. We celebrate that Susie can finally be here in person! read more

Producer and Broadcast Coordinator Needed

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray that God will supply TWR Women of Hope with a new producer and broadcast coordinator for the Women of Hope programs in South Korea. read more


Larry Webb · Submitted:
Pray for peace in the world. read more

Hope in Jesus Christ

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Lord, in this most joyful time of year, many do not embrace this season of Jesus’ birth because of pain, pressure or focus on worldly celebrations. We pray that all over the globe, may our TWR Women of Hope content point people to Jesus... read more

Hidden Treasures 2

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for our TWR Women of Hope Hidden Treasures team as they meet to plan out the episodes for this second series. They desire to have two pilot episodes ready by mid-February. read more

Ministry in 2024

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for our TWR Women of Hope leadership as we continue to plan, set goals and prepare for ministry in 2024. read more

host families for 3 chinese from hangzhou

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
Praise God for supplying housing for three Chinese coming to visit. One of them had opportunity to share Christ and how to pray and forgive others with 3 different Chinese (Sam and Fujun are new believers, but Matt is Buddhist). Please... read more