Speaking Hope to Women event

Please pray for TWR Women of Hope Global Ministry Director Dr. Peggy Banks and Ann Chastain as they speak at a Speaking Hope to Women event in El Paso, Illinois, October 21 and meet with others interested in our ministry. read more

NOREA Denmark to Albania

Anette Jensen · Submitted:
Please pray for a NOREA Denmark partner's trip to Albania October 22-28, where we are going to visit several groups of listeners and intercessors connected to TWR Albania. We are eight donors and three employees from Denmark, and we hope to... read more

Liberia National Coordinator

Lucy Kiamu · Submitted:
Please pray for TWR Women of Hope Liberia National Coordinator Florence Giah.  She has been very sick for a long time and now she cannot speak. ... read more

Peace in Central African Republic

Brenda Lombard · Submitted:
Please pray for peace in Central African Republic and for continued safety for TWR Women of Hope team members Pastor Clarence and Philomene and their precious family. ... read more

TWR President's Forum

Please pray for Elisabeth Saeth, TWR Women of Hope coordinator in Norway, as she sings and leads worshiop at the TWR President's Forum in North Carolina, United States.  Pray for her health and strengh so she can capture the inspiration... read more

Speaking Hope events

Please pray for Elisabeth and Grace as they share what God is doing through TWR Women of Hope ministry, along with Peggy Banks and Ann Chastain, at the Westover Church in Greensboro, NC  7-8:30 Thursday night, October 12.  read more

Prayer Request for America's Deliverance and Salvation

Rory Gaines · Submitted:
While this prayer request is for America's turning to our Creator in repentance. My prayer is that our countries "eyes will be open" and that we will see it for what it is and take the right course of action as in line with obedience to our... read more

EFN Bridge event in Germany

Please pray for Flora Rittenhouse, Valerie Smith and Pilar Torres who are representing TWR Women of Hope at the EFN Bridge Conference in Berlin, Germany October 16-20.  Pray for God-anointed network opportunities with organizations working... read more

Praise for Peggy's travels

Praise the Lord for the wonderful opportunities Dr. Peggy Banks had during her travels to Austria, Denmark, Albania in September and to India the first week of October.   read more

Abused woman

Dawn S · Submitted:
I was with a woman a few days ago... a woman in her 70s... who shared with me about the physical and emotional pain caused by her first husband 50 years ago. She is still suffering after all these years and mourns for what her daughter also... read more

Husband, Rick's, surgery Sept 18 and recovery

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
On Monday morning, Sept 18, my husband will have a very serious heart surgery to remove an aortic aneurysm next to his heart. They will have to stop his heart for 4-5 hours and put him on a heart-lung machine. We would appreciate your... read more

Russian ministry

Olga Bushkovskaia · Submitted:
TWR Women of Hope Russian radio program and monthly prayer calendars are available in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Central Asian countries. ... read more