Hurricane and Typhoon

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Thank you for your prayers for the TWR Cary office and staff, and the people of North Carolina. Hurricane Florence was weakened greatly before hitting land. We are still dealing with the flooding in some areas and will be for days to... read more

Cary Office Restored

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Praise the Lord for his goodness! ... read more

Tanzania Prayer Conference

Joyce Malima · Submitted:
Greetings from Tanzania ... read more

Ethiopian Mother with Breast Cancer

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please pray for the mother of one of our Amharic TWR Women of Hope team leaders. The mother is a believer and is trusting God for healing of her body as she suffers from breast cancer. Pray that God would do what only He can do, and heal... read more

Women trapped in polygamous marriages

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please pray for women in Kenya and other African nations who are trapped in polygamous marriages and have few resources for them and their children. ... read more

Encouraging others to listen to "Women of Hope"

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Pray for women to continue to encourage others to listen to the Women of Hope programs and to pray for their salvation through Jesus Christ. ... read more

Indonesia Earthquake recovery

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please pray for everyone affected by the recent 6.9 earthquake and 350 aftershocks in Lombok, Indonesia (Bali area). ... read more

Praise the Lord for Rain in Australia

Brenda Lombard · Submitted:
Praise the Lord for Rain in Australia! ... read more

Albania Roma Children Learn That God Loves Them

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
ALBANIA | TWR ALBANIA ... read more

Praise Andrew Brunson is out of prison and under home arrest

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:

Praise for new director

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
FRANCE | RADIO COLOMBE ... read more

Praise Algerians re-open church

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Praise the Lord that Algerian Christians were allowed to re-open their church in El Ayaida after being closed since January 2018. ... read more