Wisdom to Respond

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Lord, we pray for our TWR Women of Hope teams as they interact with the people that listen to their programs and podcasts. Please give them wisdom as they respond to the needs of the women and men who contact them for help and spiritual... read more

Use Women of Hope to grow women in their relationship with God

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, use TWR Women of Hope as an instrument to bring women to a saving knowledge of Jesus and to guide them into serving Him as Lord. Grow within each of your daughters a hunger and thirst for you. May they joyfully share with those... read more


Viola B · Submitted:
Father, we pray for Viola and Cordelia. May the blood of Jesus bring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing to these women. Surround them with your grace and truth and draw them to yourself for complete healing. read more

Susie Pek in Paraguay

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
The TWR Women of Hope ministry in Paraguay is one of our most established ministries. Our global director, Susie Pek, will be visiting our team there from September 10-14. Please pray that it will be a time of encouragement, planning and... read more

Joining God in His Work

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, give our TWR Women of Hope leaders great wisdom in stewarding your resources effectively. Open their eyes to see where you are at work so they may join you on mission with what you are doing. read more

Susie Pek

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for Susie Pek, the global director of TWR Women of Hope. Susie is currently in Central Asia with our leaders and is speaking at a women’s conference. For Susie and all of the women attending, may God be their protector,... read more

Soften Their heart

God, you always know what is happening because you see everything. I come to you with a broken heart. God, if it be your will, please soften and touch the heart of the person for which I am praying. May your grace and truth soften their... read more

Harmony Rogers

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
We praise God for bringing Harmony Rogers back to the TWR Women of Hope Cary office. Please pray for her as she is onboarding this week and begins her role as Content Coordinator for the ministry. read more

Conferences and Meeting in second half of 2023

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for our TWR Women of Hope teams as they continue to put together details and plans for conferences and meetings in this second half of 2023. Pray for protection over these meetings and for all of those traveling and... read more

Yellow Freight

Larry Webb · Submitted:
I was blessed to be able to work for the Trucking company Yellow Freight for over 27 years. My pension was stopped for awhile but was restored. I pray for the 30,000 employees who have lost their jobs with the company shutting down. Only... read more

Wisdom, Health and Discernment

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for all of our TWR Women of Hope regional coordinators asking God to give them wisdom in facing challenges, good health and discernment as they assess their regions and establish priorities for the ministry. read more

Southeast Asia Gets New Regional Coordinator

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
We praise God for bringing Paulina Wulansari as our new TWR Women of Hope regional coordinator for SE Asia! Paulina lives in and will be directing the region from Indonesia. May God grant her wisdom, grace and favor with the teams as she... read more