Dear praying friend,

What a privilege to have you joining Project Hannah’s daily “prayer meeting” in over 85 languages! Our prayers will reach God’s throne with much celebration this month.

1 – Celebrating our risen Lord.

Imagine thousands of women celebrating Easter for the first time in their lives. Now they understand the deep meaning of Christ’s empty tomb. Like Mary Magdalene, they heard Jesus’ tender question reverberating in their hearts, “Woman, why are you weeping?” and experience his love instilling hope and courage that chase away fear and despair. Their response is a vibrant celebration with much singing and dancing, knowing that Christ’s resurrection has forever rendered powerless the one who came “to steal and kill and destroy.” They celebrate in spite of their dire circumstances, because they experience daily the truth that “he who is in us is greater than the one in the world!” (1 John 4:4). They inspire me to do the same.

2 – Celebrating International Women’s Day.

As we pray and knock on heaven’s doors, hope wins in many a woman’s life because God’s love and power are unleashed on her behalf. Today we rejoice to see women benefiting from new laws against domestic violence; cultural worldviews regarding women changing; the media and government standing up for dignity; and human rights for women expanding, bringing more education, health care, working opportunities, etc. Let’s celebrate God’s answers while we keep on praying for more!

3 – Celebrating God’s faithfulness to Project Hannah.

After 10 years of praying and searching for a younger, well-prepared woman to take Project Hannah’s ministry into the future, God gave us Dr. Peggy Banks, a woman filled with passion for him and compassion for people. After ministering to women for over 20 years in the United States, India, Senegal, Tanzania, and Thailand, Peggy became the new global ministry director on Feb. 1, and I transitioned to my new role as Project Hannah global ministry adviser. What a joy! From next month on, she will be the one writing this monthly letter to you. I know you will be greatly blessed by her beautiful spirit. Please pray for us and join in celebrating God’s great gift to Project Hannah!

4 – Celebrating you!

Thank you for YOUR longstanding, steadfast prayer support for our worldwide teams and me. Together, we will continue this battle wrapped in the power of his resurrection.

Thanking God and celebrating you today!