Inja Jeong is the TWR Women of Hope coordinator in Korea. She produces radio broadcasts in Korean and equips the local prayer ministry by printing and distributing the prayer calendar to local volunteers and intercessors.  She also introduces new people to TWR Women of Hope and encourages people to get involved.

Since our prayer calendar subject for March is Northeast Asia, we thought it a great opportunity to ask Inja about TWR Women of Hope's ministry in North and South Korea. Here are Inja's thoughts:

[To Inja] How did you find out about the ministry?

Boaz, the director of TWR Korea, is a longtime friend and mentor of mine. I experienced a turning point in my life when he encouraged me to join this ministry.

What gets you excited about TWR Women of Hope?

The primary listeners to our broadcast are the women in North Korea. I feel immense happiness for being able to provide information of the outside world and the hope of Jesus Christ to these isolated women. Although we cannot meet in person, our broadcast waves continue to carry the love of God over the national boundaries.

How do you like to have fun?

There are many foreign residents in Korea who came here to work, for marriage, or to study. Joy is experienced when providing prayer calendars to such foreigners in their own respective languages - including Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog, Chinese, Khmer, and Japanese. While struggling with their own life, interceding for other people can restore women's thankful hearts. Listening in their mother tongue through TWR360 is beneficial.

I am an excellent singer, so when I go overseas to introduce our ministry, I prepare a hymn in their language. I find that when I sing beforehand, people become more joyous and receptive to the message.

How has Jesus brought you hope in your own life?

I lost my 19 year old son years ago in a car accident. I spent every single day in despair and sorrow, crushed under unimaginable pain. God made me realize during that time that conquering the pain through faith would glorify him and bring hope to other people. About six months after my son was gone, God called me to become the coordinator of TWR Women of Hope. It may be that he was preparing me for this mission. Although he is no longer by my side, my son is near God in his happiest state. The reason I can smile is because I will be able to see him again. I would like to spread this hope for heaven to as many people as possible.

Which countries are in the Northeast Asia region, and what are some common issues for women there?

Northeast Asia mainly refers to Korea, China, and Japan, but it also covers countries like North Korea, Mongolia, and Russia. Unfortunately, I am not well versed in the matters of other countries. As for Korea, we are struggling with extremely low birth rates. Even though the government has budgeted funds to solve this problem, there is no easy solution for it.

Young women these days want to be successful in society. They want to enjoy their lives. That is why they are not interested in marriage, and even less enthusiastic about having children after getting married. Rearing a child is extremely costly, and this pursuit creates a gap in the mother's career that makes it difficult to get a good job offer afterwards.

However, I still believe that as Christians we have a holy purpose in forming a godly family and passing on our faith to the next generation.

Do you have any stories to share about what God is doing in people's hearts?

Unfortunately, there are no established ways to receive feedback on the contents of our broadcasts or their impact on our listeners in North Korea. However, we keep on sending out the radio signal in faith and confidence that there are people listening to the messages from the Lord.

The intercessors are well aware of how valuable and precious it is to pray. The TWR Women of Hope prayer calendar opens our eyes to see how other people are handling difficulties in their lives. It is our privilege to be able to take part in praying for the relief of their pain.

How has God matured or grown you personally since you have been working in this role?

Ever since becoming the coordinator for TWR Women of Hope, I find myself spending more time with God, reading and dwelling on the Bible, and praying more often than I used to. As I work hard to build up my life as a mature woman and become less afraid to take on challenges, I pray that other women are encouraged through observing my growth.

How can our readers be praying for you, TWR Women of Hope, and the women in Northeast Asia?

Please pray for our listeners, the women of North Korea, to receive the hope and love of God through our broadcasts.

Also pray for me so that I will be able to discern what I can do to help over 30,000 North Korean defectors currently residing in South Korea.

Thank you for reading Inja's thoughts and please pray for her and the ministry in Korea. You also can read previous leadership spotlight articles from South Asia and Cambodia.  We plan to do more interviews throughout the year, so let us know what kinds of questions you would ask our national TWR Women of Hope coordinators.

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