Dear Friends,

It was not that long ago when I was sitting on the floor of my apartment broken and bruised from the violent temper of my boyfriend.

The many months and years leading up to the fateful night that could have cost me my life is what gives me passion and purpose for women fighting in the darkness of hidden abusive relationships.

Abuse comes in many forms. Not only is there physical abuse, but there is mental, verbal, and emotional abuse as well. Proverbs 19:19 tells us:

A hot tempered person must pay the penalty; rescue them, and you will have to do it again.


It is not uncommon for a woman who is in an abusive relationship to rescue her abuser over and over again. So it is very important that we pray and seek God's heart to provide wisdom to see when things are not right within our relationships. There are times during the abuse when women feel helpless and hopeless. They feel very powerless and alone. Yet even when we feel powerless or fearful, God is near and sees all things. Pray that women will have courage to seek his love and reach out to tell someone what they are going through in their relationships. 

This month as we come together to pray, let's ask God to give us love and compassion for the abused. And let's seek the wisdom to plant seeds that encourage abused women to turn to God and friends when they are faced with difficult situations that could be very harmful.

We are created in God's image, and as followers of Jesus, we are to stand against all types of abuse not only outside our homes but also inside our homes. As we pray, may we lift our voices for those who need to know that they are valued and worthy of God's love and protection.

God loves his daughters and desires that they see themselves as he sees them. Pray for our TWR Women of Hope teams to have great courage to show love even in the darkest places so women can come to know Jesus as their light and Savior. 

In Him our hearts rejoice,