The God of peace be with you all. Amen. (Romans 15:33)

Do you have peace in your life knowing that God is in control?

The dictionary definition of peace is “a freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.” Is it possible to find quiet and tranquility in chaotic or challenging times?

To find our peace during challenging times, it is so important to remind ourselves that our God, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the God of peace (Rom. 15:33). I believe we remember this truth about God’s character most vividly during times of prayer and thanksgiving.

The topic of prayer and thanksgiving is very important for TWR Women of Hope. Over the last 22 years of ministry, we have seen God doing miraculous things to bring hope to women around the world and across generations. Each month, every prayer request is translated into more than 100 languages. We have over 100,000 intercessors praying with us across all the major regions of the world. Many women, every day, are finding a new life in Jesus through the TWR Women of Hope programs and prayer groups.

This month as you pray with us through the prayer calendar, lift up your prayers of thanksgiving for God’s goodness and grace. Let us join our hearts together giving thanks that Jesus is our Savior, our Provider and our King. Pray that more women will know Jesus and experience his peace in their hearts and lives for all eternity.

“Christ alone can bring lasting peace – peace with God – peace among men and nations – and peace within our hearts.”  -Billy Graham