#1: Vision and Mission for Christian Women (January 2018)

Excerpt: "We can only benefit by growing into God’s vision for us. We may have our own plans but God directs our steps (Prov 16:9)"

Editor's Notes: "As we enter 2019 and chase after new goals, our heart's desire should be to focus on what is important to God. A huge part of that is loving those around us as we influence them with our daily actions. As I realize the weight of my own influence, I have been blessed by this leadership development series this past year. It has deepened my walk with God, my character, and my passion for serving women near and far."

#2: Leadership Spotlight: Elisabeth in Norway (September 2018)

Excerpt: "The backbone of this ministry is prayer […] and God is working in unique ways to address challenges women face […] I have so much to learn from sisters around the world who hunger for Him in every aspect of life.”

Editor's Notes: "It is so refreshing to know that our sisters are praying for one another as we face similar struggles throughout the world. Elisabeth’s testimony is honest and authentic - we can all relate to feeling weak and inadequate to what God has called us to do, but the greatest news of all is that His power is made perfect in our weakness."

#3: Leadership Spotlight: Philile in South Africa (April 2018)

Excerpt: "We aim to see women set free from all sorts of bondages […] we do this by creating awareness for issues and sharing our time, talents, and gifts.”

Editor's Notes: "Reading Philile’s story and about the issues women face in South Africa truly changes my perspective on the problems in my life. No matter what we each encounter, we can hold fast to the hope and truth that God sees us in every season and will work all things out for good!"

#4: 7 Exercises to Practice Vulnerability (October 2018)

Excerpt: "Vulnerability, although risky, is an incredible gift to others and to yourself […] it takes intent, practice, and grace."

Editor's Notes: "After reading this, I realized that even in small interactions there is a need to be vulnerable. Sometimes we are too ashamed to ask for help, or show our true emotions, but I think that’s what really brings out authenticity in a relationship. The world needs more people who are willing to be honest with what they are feeling, rather than just putting on a nice appearance."

#5: Leadership Spotlight: Eeva in Europe (August 2018)

Excerpt: “When I pray for others, it changes my own self-centered attitude to see the needs of my far away sisters and brothers.”

Editor's Notes: "I’ve loved getting to hear from the different coordinators throughout the world and learn what a true leader looks like from a biblical perspective! Eeva is one of many coordinators who has committed to a life of prayer, humility, empathy, and encouragement for her fellow sisters. Thank you to all TWR Women of Hope leaders and listeners who continue to invest in women like me and countless others!"