Women in many parts of the world are marginalized every day, experiencing high levels of poverty, lack of education, oppression and health crises. While social reforms promise empowerment of women and the end of negative family cycles, only a spiritual solution found in Jesus Christ has the power to provide sustainable change and a lasting hope. God does not see women as helpless or weak. Instead, God has a beautiful story for each woman, in Jesus, as a unique expression of his grace and love, regardless of her broken person and world. Whatever situation women may encounter, TWR Women of Hope speaks the truth that Jesus is the only one who can provide perfect peace, hope and healing. 



• has a heart that is centered on Jesus Christ.

• looks to God for direction and wisdom.

• believes in the power of the Holy Spirit.

• possesses hope and healing in Jesus.

• believes that there is a God who has not forgotten her.

• believes that God has a plan for her, and it is a good plan, not one that will harm her but one that will give her a hope and a future.

• has hope in the future.


• walks free from the bondage of sin, aware of what Jesus did for her on the cross.

• walks free in the new life of Christ.

• walks in faith.  

• helps other women break free from the bondage of sin and walk on the path of God’s truth.  

• helps and serves other women.

• prays for other women.

• knows that God values her.

• knows that God treasures her.