East Africa is one of the poorest areas in the world, and violent protests in Burundi and long-lasting conflicts in Somalia and South Sudan make life unbearable for millions. Ethiopia and Kenya care for millions of refugees seeking safety or in danger of starvation. Many East African women face common challenges such as extreme poverty, illiteracy, forced marriages, polygamous marriages, domestic violence, and health issues such as female genital mutilation, uterine prolapse, fistulas, malnutrition, maternal death, and HIV/AIDS.

In East Africa, Project Hannah women meet for prayer in churches but also in homes. Most of their homes are very small, and many have few belongings. But this does not hinder these women from inviting others to their homes to pray or listen to the Women of Hope radio program. Project Hannah women also provide money for surgery and other needs faced by women in their communities. 

Marta leads a Project Hannah prayer group. She did not go to school but learned to read her Bible and teaches God’s truths to those who come to consult with her because she was once a midwife. She suffered from uterine prolapse before surgery. She also cares for her husband and five children.

Durt became a widow while her children were still small. She had seven children, but three of them died. The Project Hannah team led her to the Lord and also helped her receive treatment for uterine prolapse.

Workinesh’s husband chased her and her children out of their home. The courts did not help her, and her own brothers beat her because they didn’t want to share the family property with her. The Project Hannah team bought a mattress for her and her children to sleep on in their rented room.