Many women who listen to Project Hannah’s Women of Hope program or pray through the monthly prayer requests live in extreme poverty. Far too many of them have been abandoned by the fathers of their children or have watched their children or husbands die because they lack finances. Simple medical conditions, like a urinary infection, can take the life of their children when untreated. 

The news is filled with stories of the evils happening to women and little girls around the world. Many choose to ignore the horrible stories and others allow their justifiable outrage to lead to uncontrolled anger, doubt, and despair. But God is at work! Many women and girls who live in horrible circumstances are hearing about God’s love for them. They are also allowing Christ to reach others through their daily actions. Learning the stories of how so many of these women overcome their struggles can teach us a great deal about the meaning of words like blessings, problems, worries, thankfulness and needs. 

Praying with and for our sisters around the world allows God to show us his many blessings in our own lives. Experiencing their hope in the midst of hopelessness shows us amazing miracles from God. Seeing their true joy in the middle of hardship is contagious. Watching them sacrifice for others even when they have enormous needs of their own can fill our hearts with an overwhelming assurance that God is at work.

Come and join us as we pray for women around the world and experience the things God has for each of us as we pray. 

Please join Project Hannah’s intercessors during our 40-day season of prayer and fasting October 1-November 9, (