Despite all the struggles faced by the people of Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, the Christians in these countries demonstrate longsuffering, peace, and joy. While Christians are not immune to life’s challenges, they rest in the promises of Christ. In situations that seem almost impossible to overcome, their hope and security comes from their relationship with Jesus.

Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Well over half of Haiti’s 10.4 million people live below the national poverty level, according to the World Bank. And the New Yorker reported, “Nearly half are illiterate, and only one in four has access to a toilet.” Haiti is also plagued by violence between rival gangs and political groups. Malnutrition is particularly serious there.

The Dominican Republic is a major tourist destination for Europeans, Americans, and Asians. Young, poverty-stricken Dominican and Haitian women often are forced into providing the exotic entertainment and prostitution. Women and children are also trafficked to Latin America and Europe. Trafficking-related law enforcement remains very weak.

Cited as having limited political freedom, Cuba freely offers abortions. Sadly, women are not informed of the dangers they face and believe that since the procedures are provided by the hospital, they must be safe. Pain, infection, and possible infertility or death from complications are ignored by those who say they care about these women. Many young couples are so poor they do not believe they can afford to have even one child.

TWR airs Project Hannah’s Spanish and Papiamentu Women of Hope programs from Bonaire, an island that is a part of the Caribbean Netherlands. The Spanish broadcasts are also heard as far away as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. Women of Hope Creole is aired in Haiti.