Looking back over 19 years of ministry as we enter our 20th brings shouts of praise and thanksgiving to God for truly he has done great things! For years we have prayed for women isolated because of their cultures and religions. We wondered how they would ever hear about God’s love and gift of salvation. Now we see many of these women and their families leaving their oppressive countries and for the first time in their lives being able to listen to God’s Word and hear about God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Refugee Bridge app for cellphones provides Arabic and Farsi Women of Hope programs for women who desperately need comforting, encouragement, practical information, and biblical messages in their heart languages. Through TWR360, Facebook, and Skype, women are hearing the truth of God in Arabic, English, Farsi, Somali, Turkish and other languages. Women from Afghanistan, Germany, Iran, Sweden, Syria, and Turkey meet weekly to pray together using Project Hannah’s monthly prayer calendar in Farsi. Prayer groups in Turkey are reaching out to refugees, supporting widows with food and clothing, providing Bibles, and holding weekly Bible studies. Project Hannah intercessors are offering vocational training to refugees in Turkey by teaching sewing, embroidery, and doll making to help women gain self-esteem and provide some income for their families. Women are becoming followers of Jesus and joining prayer groups and learning to pray in a personal way to the God who sees and hears them.

Many around the world are disillusioned by the violence in their countries, their communities, and even their own homes. It is amazing to watch God continue to use Project Hannah intercessors and Women of Hope listeners in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to share with other women the hope and healing found in Jesus Christ.