Girls have significantly benefited from recent efforts made in many countries to provide finances, safe local schools, and female teachers, not to mention moves to address violence and harmful cultural practices that hinder girls from getting an education. Globally, however, an estimated 62 million girls ages 6 to 15 are still not in school.

Poverty is a major factor that limits girls’ schooling. Other factors that hinder girls’ education are early marriage or pregnancy, the danger of sexual violence, a lack of free local schools in their primary languages, and a lack of water and sanitation in schools.

Education can transform the lives of girls and strengthen their communities. Women who finish secondary school earn higher wages. Educated mothers are more likely to ensure that their own children also receive an education and will provide them with more nutritious food, clean water, and safer environments.

Many women from oral cultures who have learned to read often struggle to understand what they read because this is not their normal way of learning. They learn from hearing, repetition, and memorization. Most oral learners have the ability to memorize large amounts of information and may speak two or more languages. Women from all cultures still want opportunities to enjoy education, to receive skills training to better their lives, or both. Christian women also want to learn God’s Word and how to apply its truths to their daily lives.

TWR Women of Hope makes the truths of the Bible accessible through radio programs and provides practical health and nutritional information through sisterly advice similar to having a conversation with a friend. Prayer groups, seminars, and skills training enrich the lives of women, giving them dignity in knowing that God cares and desires for them to thrive as they live to glorify him.

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