Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine


Many women in Central and Eastern Europe experience the devastating effects of poverty. Domestic violence, divorce, child marriages, and other social issues lead people to turn to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and the occult in futile attempts to free themselves from their pain and despair. The lack of adequate housing, medical services, and education continue the cycle of hopelessness. Some women end up leaving their communities to seek jobs or escape cruelty and hardships in their homes, only to be abused by strangers or forced into prostitution.


Millions of Roma people are shunned for being the poorest of the poor in several Central and Eastern European countries. Romani women and children are particularly vulnerable to being sold into slavery. Many of the Roma cannot read or do not have electricity in their homes, so radio is the best tool to teach these oral communities about God’s love for them. Many Roma villages are full of committed TWR listeners who have started prayer groups and local churches.


In formerly communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Christian radio assists evangelical churches by providing sound doctrine and moral teaching to those who were taught for many years that God did not exist. Radio can even reach those who are still isolated by their cultures, families, and religions, helping them understand God and find hope in Jesus.

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