International Women’s Day, March 8, is a time to acknowledge what has been accomplished by and for women. There have been many advancements in education, medical resources, and quality of life for women who live in poverty or are isolated by cultures and religions. God uses TWR Women of Hope teams around the world to better the lives of women.

For 21 years, tens of thousands of TWR Women of Hope intercessors have promoted and prayed for widespread awareness of the abuses, diseases, poverty, and neglect that women and girls face. This awareness has led communities, families, and the Christians among them to see victims differently and to be willing to look for ways to help and speak up for those who have no voice.

Many TWR Women of Hope teams give gifts of food, clothing, and other items to those in need, lifting them up and showing them respect. In Tanzania, they work closely with other Christian organizations to teach ways to end gender-based violence and female circumcision. In Nepal, women in remote villages are taught life-changing health-care information. In Albania, Roma women in poverty and women in domestic-violence shelters are told about Jesus’ love and how much God cherishes them.

Sin, strife, and injustice will always work at destroying lives. Continue to pray that many believers will discover more of God, understand who they are in Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit to work through them, speaking up and defending women and girls while helping them prosper.