Many times, God answers our prayers in ways we never expected. For years, thousands of TWR Women of Hope intercessors prayed that isolated women in the Arab world, Central Asia and North Africa would have the opportunity to hear of God’s love for them. Now, millions of these women have left the isolation they once faced in their home countries and are looking for safety and hope in Europe. That presents the opportunity for many to finally hear about God, who loves them and invites them to receive his gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, his son.

While the European migrant crisis of a few years ago has moderated, worldwide there are millions of refugees and internally displaced people who have been forced to relocate because of war, persecution, starvation or natural disasters. While traveling to escape miserable conditions – and sometimes even after arriving at refugee camps – they are vulnerable to disease, rape, slavery, starvation and death. They are afraid and traumatized, and they need Christian friends who can offer them hope.

Not only do these millions of refugees suffer physically, but the psychological trauma will haunt them for years. Most of them have left aging parents behind, watched loved ones die horrible deaths, or been brutally beaten and raped. They now must learn new languages, laws and customs. Most are not welcomed in their new countries. Their presence will cause significant cultural changes in their new communities with the result that many of their neighbors will fear or hate them.

TWR partners with churches and refugee ministries and equips them with media devices containing content that addresses life issues facing asylum seekers.  Through this we share the good news of Jesus Christ in their own languages and in a culturally approriate and relevant way.

“When an alien lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him.” Leviticus 19:33