2022 July August Awareness Article featuring Asia 

We hope you enjoy this overview our coordinators provided of TWR Women of Hope ministry in Asia.

Northeast Asia: TWR Women of Hope in South Korea has been broadcasting to North Korea for 25 years.  In this land closed to missionaries, radio spreads the gospel and gives listeners courage and hope in Jesus.  TWR Women of Hope Japan began in 2021, and the national coordinator was training in Korea for the past year. After returning to Japan, she began recording broadcasts scheduled to premiere in October.  There are 1,700 intercessors and 50 prayer groups in Korea and 400 intercessors in Japan.

South Asia: TWR Women of Hope India meets the holistic needs of women by speaking relevant truth through programs on issues like depression, worry, loneliness and conflict.  Women here are vulnerable to superstition and often fall prey to societal and family pressures.  The ministry also offers social initiatives to assist poor women in earning their livelihood; prayer groups in which women learn to support one another; and awareness programs on topics like infertility, finance management and cancer.  In Nepal, abuse of women takes many forms, from forced prostitution to rape and polygamy.  The team here comforts and brings hope in Jesus by producing relevant radio programs on topics like human trafficking, early marriage and health.  The team also visits women, establishes radio home groups, and offers training in literacy, basic sewing and tailoring to help women develop their employment potential.

Southeast Asia:  Indonesia has been cited as one of 50 countries where it is most difficult to follow Jesus, so the Women of Hope broadcast may be the safest way to tell listeners about him.  Since 2000, the team has produced 1,000 episodes in Indonesian and Javanese.  The broadcasts have spread from two local stations to 64 and two streaming services.  The team offers poor women free medical treatment, health seminars, skill training, food and micro loans, which help start small businesses.  In the Philippines, most women have fair incomes, good careers and access to education, but 25% of women from mostly rural areas suffer from sex-related abuse, domestic violence and economic disadvantages.  Our team airs a program that addresses their needs and encourages them to turn to God in prayer.  Women in Cambodia are vulnerable, and face may challenges related to violence, education and employment.  Women of Hope encourages them to look to Jesus and his Word.  The team uses video on social media, following up through phone calls and Facebook Messenger.  In 25 cities and provinces, 183 listener groups have formed.

God is working mightily through our TWR Women of Hope Asia teams!