We hope you are moved to prayer as you read these brief summaries of the dynamic and effective ministries our TWR Women of Hope teams are having among the women of Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Central Asia – This high-impact ministry affects women across Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Using biblically centered messages and life suggestions adapted to local cultural values, the team share thoughtfully written programs designed for women in need of hope. Through their encouraging feedback, devoted listeners of the program show they embrace the ministry’s message that women who accept the renewing power of Christ into their lives can change the next generation. Women, therefore, hold the key to changing families and cultures. Team members are happy to serve female and male listeners through the prayer calendars and Women of Hope.

The Middle East – The Arab world, made up of 22 countries, is widely perceived as being dishearteningly weak on women’s rights.  Our team reaches out to Arab women through Women of Hope, podcasts, calls, mobile apps and social media. On Facebook alone, our team has 130,000 followers, with each post receiving between 25,000 and 85,000 engagements. Interacting with Arab women and sharing the Christian faith, our follow-up teams help these women to embrace their personal value in Jesus Christ and to live lives of hope within their societies. Their programs, featuring speakers specializing in content to help women socially and spiritually, teach women how to make a positive difference in their homes and societies.

In an unnamed Middle East country, our team ministers through Women of Hope and in person for encouragement and prayer. Reaching out to the elderly, poor, lonely and those struggling in their faith, they desire to help women understand their true identity in Christ and to know their value comes from him rather than what others say. These women need to know that they are not alone or worthless and that God is with them and loves them. We pray that as women’s lives change there will also come a deep change in society.

North Africa – Our Women of Hope programs are produced by Kabyle women for those living in North Africa. There is a healthy focus on follow-up and a lot of positive engagement with listeners. But there are also great challenges and immense stress – especially the heavier persecution and surveillance facing Christians and those suspected of doing Christian work. We are grateful that the team members are still dedicated and passionate about bringing hope to women and families in this region.

Please pray for God’s protection on our teams and those learning of Jesus in this entire region.