Highlights from our Regions – West and Central Africa

Prayer is central. As we look at TWR Women of Hope ministry in the region of West and Central Africa, one common theme is the team’s devotion to prayer. It unites the women with God and together in community.

Our team in Benin works and prays with women intercessors in 25 partner churches for the spiritual development of women and the deliverance of those held captive by the occult and witchcraft. They visit widows, the needy, elderly, sick and those in prison to offer prayer and God’s love and salvation.

In addition to visiting widows and orphans, the team in Mali broadcast Women of Hope programs to their own country as well as to Guinea, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire. A listener shared,  “These programs inform us,  us, advise us, and bring peace and reconciliation to our homes.”

Many women in Liberia are poor, uneducated, abused and without hope. But our team is bringing hope, encouragement and healing to them through prayer, Women of Hope programs, leadership development, Bible studies and training in life skills.

Our team members in Nigeria are reaching out to communities with free health-care programs and provide practical training like soap making to produce income. They minister to the spiritual needs of women by studying the Word with them and praying together using the prayer calendar. Also, Bibles and radios are provided to women in camps set up for people who have fled their homes because of the insurgency.

People in Côte d’Ivoire are now able to hear TWR programs and Women of Hope broadcasts in French from the capital city. Our team helps women develop a more intimate relationship with the Lord, praying together both in person as well as on WhatsApp. Together they share the good news of Jesus with the women of Côte d’Ivoire. Understanding the financial need of many of the women, our leaders also offer training in entrepreneurship to help women develop income-generating activities to sustain themselves and their families.

The ministry in Gabon is both local and international. Our team members work among the women in the local churches providing prayer and support. Because of their fervent belief in the power of prayer, they have also branched out and begun a French prayer gathering on Zoom and WhatsApp that includes women from many French-speaking nations.

We praise God for the work he is doing among the women of West and Central Africa through the TWR Women of Hope ministry.