Hope Comes to Pemba! 

By Joyce Malima TWR Women of Hope national coordinator for Tanzania

“Tanzania” comes from the names of two countries, Tanganyika and Zanzibar, which united to become one country in 1964. It is located in East Africa between Kenya and Mozambique and borders the Indian Ocean. The TWR Women of Hope ministry has spread to 11 regions in mainland Tanzania and on its two islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.

The latest TWR Women of Hope work in Tanzania launched in October 2023 on Pemba Island. Sphiwe Nxumalo-Ngwenya, African regional coordinator for TWR Women of Hope, was present during this inaugural event along with Elisabeth Saeth of Norea Media Mission and Saeth’s team. More than 50 people attended this celebration, including bishops, pastors, other church leaders, and men and women of different ages. Members from seven local churches were among the attendees. Going forward, prayer and other ministry activities going forward will be coordinated by Jackline, a volunteer who will be distributing prayer calendars and establishing prayer groups on the island.

Immediately after the launching of the Pemba ministry, God opened doors financially for Women of Hope to be broadcast this year on two local radio stations. We have received much feedback from women and men of varying ages and religious backgrounds. Many who appear to belong to the dominant religion of the island talk positively about our lessons in the educational portion of the program, which does not mention Jesus. Our hope, however, is that they will come to listen to the spiritual portion as well so the seed of God may be planted in their lives.

Christians are getting together on Pemba to pray through the Women of Hope prayer calendar and to listen to the programs. Since the establishment of the TWR Women of Hope ministry in Pemba, five new prayer groups have been organized, including those meeting in churches and schools. After listening to the Women of Hope programs, some women are searching out like-minded women for the purpose of praying together.

God is moving on this island! The programs have been highly influential within Pemba society. The people of the island say the ministry of TWR Women of Hope has brought the church together and given its members new power to proclaim the gospel.