"TWR Women of Hope meets the needs of women in India because it stays there... It's not one person ministering to the women for a week and then leaving. The women can connect on an ongoing basis to continue the relationship with our follow-up teams. That's what TWR is all about. We stay there."
- Peggy Banks, Global Ministry Director

In January of 2005, the Women of Hope broadcast for India went on the air in the Hindi language, and we have been adding other languages for India ever since. Approximately 70 women are involved in the production of Women of Hope in these languages with 64 groups of women throughout India praying together on a regular basis for each other and the ministry of the program.

Hope for the hurting in India

Domestic violence is so common in India that it is estimated that half of all Indian women will experience it at some point in their lifetimes. On one of her trips to India, Dr. Peggy Banks spoke through a translator to hundreds of women on the subject of domestic violence, the high value placed on women by God, and how we can see this in the Bible.

As Peggy prayed over the group, many wept and came up to her afterwards to share their stories. Two of them indicated they were being sexually abused, and Peggy put them in touch with the follow-up team who could minister to them in their own language. Another time, a woman came up to Peggy, and although they could not speak the same language, she showed Peggy her bruises and started crying. Peggy shares:

"She looked at me and touched my wedding ring to indicate she was married. And then she showed me her bruises and started crying. And that was the only way we could communicate with each other. So I prayed for her. Having a Women of Hope program in their language speaks to a heart issue that only God can heal through the love of Christ. Hearing about a hope that will help women find true love when they are being abused and oppressed is so important."

Women of Hope feedback in the languages of India

Oriya: “I was in the darkness. I was ignorant about the truth and the true God, but your program has helped me to really know God and has convicted me of my sin. I have committed my life to Jesus. Now I am testifying the name of Jesus. I am totally impressed by this program, because these programs led me to Christ Jesus. Kindly pray for me to grow in the Lord.”

Oriya: “I am listening to your program regularly, which gives joy and peace to my heart. In fact, all my sorrows, anxieties, and depression have been wiped away. I have believed in Jesus as my personal Savior.”

Tamil: “I am a [male] regular listener to Women of Hope and benefit physically and spiritually. I learn valuable truth. Though it is meant for women, it is very beneficial to men, too.”

Oriya: “By listening to your program, I am very much comforted. For a long time, we did not have a child, and I was very depressed, but your program encouraged me to keep my faith in Jesus. I prayed to Jesus for a child, and then I conceived. I have accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord.”

Bengali: “I [a pastor] am a regular listener to Women of Hope. The teaching is useful in my family life and spiritual life. I pastor churches in a very rural area, and the women are not aware of health and hygiene. This program is helping me to take care of my congregations.”

Gujarati: “My husband left me when our son was born, and I raised him as a single mom. The reason I am still so strong is because of Women of Hope. I never lost faith in God and his goodness. I listen to your programs daily, and they give me hope in the unwavering love of God. My son has grown up knowing that he has God as a father even though his earthly father has disowned him. We as a small family have become a testimony of God’s faithfulness for the widows and the fatherless. I thank God for being our good shepherd and a good, good father.”

Conference shows impact


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Over 900 Women of Hope listeners from southern India attended a 2017 conference organized by the Women of Hope Gujarati language team. They heard the gospel and how it brings healing to their hurts and hope to their lives.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support of TWR Women of Hope's ministry in India. Your investment in TWR Women of Hope means eternal life for those who meet Jesus and a deeper walk of faith for those who need hope in him. Thank you!