“I am a 23-year-old student living in Tehran with my family. I am studying theology and Islamic knowledge at the university. I found your program through Facebook, a great privilege for me, because I have been looking for the true God. The only reason I decided to study theology was to find the way. I have not yet acknowledged Jesus as my Savior, but I know in my heart that he is the only one who can save me. Please pray for me so the Lord will open my heart. Thank you and many blessings.”

— from a Women of Hope listener in Iran


“I accepted Jesus as my Savior 14 years ago, and now I serve the youth. The prayer calendar has been an open window through which I can see the misery in many other countries. But I also clearly see a great army of women who stand up in prayer in every corner of the world. Prayer can move the whole world. Through the prayer calendar I have learned not just to be a spectator but to join in prayer for God’s glory.”


“I am blessed by the Javanese Women of Hope program. I’ve learned that nothing is impossible for God. God can heal the broken hearted. Somebody who has a broken heart should come to God, because God heals and restores. From now on I rely only on God in my life.”


“After hearing about war and such a hard time for our country, I cannot stay indifferent to all that is happening. I pray and read God’s Word as mentioned in TWR’s transmissions. It brings comfort and peace to my soul. May the Lord bless you richly.”


“I have served my family all my life. I have two brothers with mental problems, and my parents are getting older. I had the opportunity to marry, but no one wants to be involved in caring for my family. I have no education, and there seemed to be no hope for my future. When I found your program, I started to pray to God. Since I met Jesus, I have help all the time. I do not feel alone anymore. He gives me strength. Your program changed my life. Thank you!”

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