We are excited that Marli Spieker, Project Hannah’s Founder/Global Ministry Director, will be joining Ray Alary, TWR Canada President, and Colleen Shoemaker, Project Hannah Canadian Coordinator, as guest speaker for our TWR Canada events in Alberta, April 11 to April 18, 2015 (with two additional events in Manitoba and Kenora). For more details, visit www.twrcanada.org/events • Pray that women would come to know they are loved and valued by Jesus Christ. • Pray that the Lord would use Project Hannah’s ministry to bring hope and healing in His name. • Praise God for the healing, restoration, and changed lives as a result of women coming to understand they are precious to Him. • Pray for strength and energy for Marli as she has an intense travel schedule, and stands on the front-lines speaking out for Biblical justice. • Pray that the Lord would be pleased to use the events in April to encourage, educate and inspire those attending.

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