My name is Sokunthea. I live in [Cambodia]. I have believed in Jesus since 1995. Now I worship at Pi Slerng Church. I really need people to pray for my problem. I am widow and I live with my children and my elderly mother. My husband died almost 8 years ago. After my husband died, my family had land issues when governors seized my house and my land. I tried many ways to get my house and my land back but I still cannot get it back. Now I stay at Pi Slerng Church with my family. I have no hope but I still know that I have God who I trust and He is my shelter. So today I want you (Project Hannah team) to pray for me about this problem and also for my children as they are still studying. My situation is very hard, with children who are studying and an elderly parent that I have to support. So pray that God will support my whole family and help us as well. Anyway I love to listen to "Women of Hope". I get encouragement through God’s Word and also I have hope in Jesus as he will provide my needs and my family needs. Thank God for the "Women of Hope" program through radio. God bless you.

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Last prayed for on Jan 29, 2019