PLEASE PRAY for our TWR/Project Hannah staff, prayer groups, listeners and others in Burundi. Dear brothers and sisters, As I write this email, I have run away to safety with my family (wife and 3 children). I have hoped that today would be better than yesterday, but this morning we woke up with barricades at less than 20 meters from my gate. My street had so far been quiet but things were different this morning. What made me more afraid is that even close neighbors have joined and now burning car tires right at our sight. In fact last night, my neighbors spent a good part of the night in meeting and they did not convey me to it. All this is a sign that things are not well at all. We had time just to pack a few clothes and find a secure street to run away. I thank God that we made it safely. Thank you again for standing with us in prayer.

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