Project Hannah began ministry in Central Africa Republic in May. Give thanks to God for the strength He has given the women to gather together for prayer in the Central African Republic. Praise the Lord that 525 French prayer calendars were distributed and then orally translated into the Sango language (which is the national language of the Central African Republic) so that women in the 25 prayer groups can pray in their heart language. Please pray for the country as they heal after the two-year conflict that resulted in many deaths of Christians. Pray for the 6,000 – 10,000 children who were forced to fight in a two-year sectarian conflict or were forced to work as sex slaves. Pray for the 357 children who were liberated in Bambari following the peace deal. Pray for those helping these children to adjust to a normal life and hopefully be able to return to their families and communities. Pray that the many other children will be located and rescued. Pray for the elections that will be held in December 2015.

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