We are sending out this urgent prayer request: Please pray for a woman we are affiliated with who’s been arrested for her faith. We can’t say where she is but we are very concerned for her safety. We know, from the reports of others who have survived such ordeals, that she’s being kept in a 3foot square room in solitary confinement where temperatures can reach 40⁰ Celsius. She is interrogated for 16 hours a day, and the other 8 hours a day she is subjected to frequent loud recordings of the Koran and a bright spotlight is shone on her to disrupt her sleep. The authorities want to break her spirit, her mind, and her body. She is being accused of nearly a dozen offenses ranging in consequence of 5 years in prison (for distributing Christian literature) to the death penalty. She is being denied legal counsel, basic human rights, and is unable to contact anyone outside of where she’s being kept. We are not a people without hope. One survivor shared the following with us about being imprisoned for her faith: When I was in the prison, I remembered the people who were praying for us. I saw signs that people were praying for me. Lift up this sister in Christ in prayer. We know that our prayers do not go unheard, and we know that those in prison feel the effects of our prayers. We are praying for this woman’s release, that she would find healing and restoration and forgiveness. “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives” Genesis 50: 20 (NIV).

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