Pray for Nexhmije Muca, our producer of the Albanian "Prayer Calendar of Project Hannah" radio program. Please pray for good health and God’s wisdom upon her. Many lives are touched by this program that reaches many who do not have a church nearby or who cannot attend church. Pray for Rudina, Naze, and Gjergji our Roma "Women of Hope" staff. The Roma staff lives in very bad conditions. Please pray that God will supply all their needs. Pray for Nertila, the leader of the women’s group in Gorre, Albania. She is a mother of three little children. Please pray for God’s wisdom upon her as she leads a group of women, where some of the women are much older as she. Her challenge is to collect women to gather together. They live in the village and they are busy during all the day with field work. Please pray for Milena, she is a young widow, 36 years old with two children 6 and 7. Please pray that the Lord may fulfill all her needs in Christ Jesus.

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Last prayed for on Feb 15, 2021