It is amazing to be able to serve God and to share this wonderful ministry through music. We are now in the process of recording a CD with twelve songs (written and composed by me). Friday and Saturday Anne Birgitte and I are recording vocals in the studio together with Kjell, the producer, a wonderful man of God. Please pray for us these days, and pray for Bjarte, Merete and Glenn who are recording their instruments too! We need God's strength and anointment for body and soul. Pray for our health, and that His spirit will lead us and work through us for salvation of souls, and to comfort his people. I often experience this when I am doing something important in this music ministry, I get problems with my health, so also today, I have a sore throat, coughing, problems with nausea, etc. But I know that God is in us and he is the stronger one! But we need to have good voices tomorrow and Saturday. Thank for yours your prayers!

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