My daughter (Nyemo), her husband (Abram), and their daughter are now in the Caribbean for her to attend medical school. This involves some challenges. They have a house (1 bedroom and sitting room) but it is very expensive. They also have to pay for water and electricity separate, and of course food as well. Please pray that: 1. God shows a miracle for financial aid so that they can cover all the expenses. 2. Pray for unity in their spirit and thinking as they face this challenge. 3. Pray that Abram finds a job. 4. Pray that their daughter grows up in the fear of God as her parents become busy with education and work 5. Pray for Nyemo’s heart and mind to settle as she begins medical school next week. 6. Pray for strength and wisdom as she now becomes a student, mother, and wife with all the challenges. Nyemo is “a woman of faith” but please pray that she remains focused and that she lets God be God of her life and the center of her family in all circumstances. 7. Pray that their lives in the Caribbean speak about Jesus so that many can come to Jesus

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