Please pray for the needed funds for so that Project Hannah's ministry can be launched in Burundi. A team of volunteer is producing the Kirundi "Women of Hope" and so far there are 10 programmes but no funds. Here is one of the stories received from Burundi: “I am living a terrible life in my family. My husband traumatizes me and has tried to kill me and my children with a sword even though he has not managed. One day as I saw that he was furious and was ready to use his sword, I took refuge in the children’s room. He tried to break the door down without success. The following morning I took the sword to the local authorities.. . Because of Project Hannah prayer, now he loves me and my children and I have already returned to our room.” Please pray for Peggy's and Marli’s visit to Africa that it will be an encouragement to women in Africa. Pray for the needed finances to cover expenses for travel and accommodation so that ladies can attend the meetings with Peggy and Marli.

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Last prayed for on Apr 12, 2020