Central African Republic Update on Pasteur Clarence and Philomene. Project Hannah's national coordinator.October 3: Ann writes, "I was able to contact Philomene by phone. (PTL!!!) After the flooding and consequent destruction of their house, she shared that they are in Bangui, {the Capital}. They were taken in by a family from church and are looking for more permanent housing. They were able to gather some/most of their belongings." Philomene wrote, "We are very grateful for your spiritual support. Please continue to pray for us. It is difficult to work in this context of insecurity; the government has cut off access to internet. - Last month, my husband visited his family home in the country’s 2nd largest city in the eastern area. Project Hannah was established there last September. The entire city, including his family’s home, has been burned - 250,000 people displaced. There are many dead and wounded. - Another Project Hannah group exists 385 km from Bangui, the capital. Pray for them. - Pray for the upcoming elections in November, for freedom of movement. We are living in total chaos." Sept 30: There was a heavy rain storm Sat-Sunday Sept 24-25 that destroyed the home of Pasteur Clarence and Philomene. Project Hannah's national coordinator. They are now homeless. Please pray for them.

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