Today (13th October) at 9am Pakistan time, Asia Bibi begins her appeal trial at the Supreme Court of Pakistan located in Islamabad. Please pray for her to be set free and to attain safety in a country in the west. A simple prayer but one that encompasses her basic needs for now. British Pakistani Christian Association does not believe a decision will be made in court today. Even then Shamim Masih will be in attendance and will immediately send us the result which we will share with you in real time, if necessary. Pakistan Christian post to day reported that 150 Imams have decreed that Asia Bibi and her supporters should be put to death (click here). The Australian Christian Lobby has joined the British Pakistani Christian Association in calling for the Australian Government to put diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to abolish its blasphemy laws. The call comes on the eve of a Pakistani Supreme Court hearing this week into the 2010 death sentence of Asia Bibi for allegedly blaspheming the prophet Mohammad.

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