1. Please pray for our listener "K". God touched her heart while she listened to the "Women of Hope" Khmer program about abortion. She is pregnant by a guy who has wife already. After she found out that she was pregnant, she tried to abort her son. But after listening to the "Women of Hope" program she came to the leader of the listener group and told about her situation and cried very hard. She said she felt sorry to have these feelings about her son. Now she decided to keep her baby and also decided to accept Jesus as her Savior. She said that God forgives her and she also forgave herself. She feels peace and hope in God. Please pray for her pregnancy and her health to be good and also for her new journey with God. 2. Please pray for Dara’s wife. She is pregnant around 4 months. Pray also for Dara to have wisdom as he does the production of the Khmer "Women of Hope" programs. Also pray for safe trips to distribute the Pray Calendars to our intercessors by motorbike, bus, and taxi. 3. Please pray for our prayer groups as now we have 70 groups who use the Prayer Calendars every month. 4. Pray for wisdom and strength to our team members. Moreover, pray for protection during our drives to visit our listener in other provinces.

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