A radio station that partners with TWR Women of Hope in Tanzania asked us to stand with them in prayer.

The director says: We have been praying for a revival in Tanzania particularly along the Tanga region where a majority of the people are from another major religion. We have aimed to reach out to them through the Bible Discovery Study (BDS). It has been one month since we started this study and more than 100 people have decided to join the BDS program.

For now there are 40 BDS groups and today we received very good news that one person who has been practicing witchcraft has accepted Jesus as his person savior and allowed his witchcraft items to be burnt in the name of Jesus. Two young girls who are a part of one of the study groups, when they saw what had happened to the prominent witch, also gave their lives to Christ.

When the “major religion” people started complaining, one of their leaders stood up and said people should not destruct the BDS programs for they are important and helpful in life. From morning to evening people are lining up wanting to attend the BDS classes and the classroom was small. One of the “major religion” leaders decided to give his land for free so that people can sit and listen to the Word of God.

Let us continue to pray for God to use this revival to restore people from the power of darkness. There are so many people who come out from their places of worship to listen to the Word of God. Praise God!

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Last prayed for on Mar 24, 2017