Angola Families

Marcolina A.

Pray for young people and teenagers involved in drugs and collaborate with young men to rob people and vehicles on the road in Luanda.

Pray for domestic servants who, are victims of sexual harassment by the man of the house.

Pray for the lack of employment in Lubango, Benguela, Huambo, and BiƩ. There is great concern for young people who have already graduated with diplomas or degrees but are not able to find employment in private companies or in the civil service.

The same situation is true for unemployed men. The companies they worked for are going bankrupt because of the economic and financial difficulties that the country is experiencing at the moment.

Infertility is a major cause of conflict in families. Pray for these couples.

Pray for the many parents who refuse to accept their responsibilities as parents and do not even register the children at the schools/colleges.

In areas in the North and East, children are burned for witchcraft. Pray for God to move in a mighty way into these communities.

We praise God for the new infrastructures (such as residences, schools, and hospitals) built in the provinces of Cuanza Sul, Benguela, Huila, Namibe and Luanda. May God continue to give the government wisdom in their decisions to care for their people.

This has been prayed for 8 times
Last prayed for on May 30, 2019