Praise the Lord for Rain in Australia

Brenda Lombard

Praise the Lord for Rain in Australia! 

Thank you for praying

Anita A writes:

Would you please pray for Australia?

Australians farmers need BREAKTHROUGH.... the worst ongoing drought in decades has brought our Aussie farmers to the wall.

With the lack of rain they struggle to find resource of food to feed livestock... all supplies have run out. We as a nation desperately need a miracle. Farmers are the backbone of our country and we are in a desperate situation.

Even if rain comes tomorrow it would still take three months for feed to grow for feed for the animals. We need the intervention of the sovereignty of God.

Let’s pray as a nation ... let us cry for rain!  Nothing is impossible for those who believe.

Thank you to all those from other nations who join with us in this time of crisis.

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Last prayed for on Aug 22, 2018