Bibles, boots and balls

Brenda Lombard

Shaban, a young man in Mombasa, teaches street children football (soccer). There are 250 of them ranging in age from 10 to 18. Shaban would love for them to have some football boots and balls. Bless him for only asking for 22 pairs of shoes. When asked where he would keep the shoes and the balls, he indicated that that a village elder would be willing to assist.

Shaban prays with them and is teaching them from the Bible. So I have offered to join him in prayer and have promised to ask all the TWR Women of Hope to pray for his requests. - Swahili bibles - teaching aids - football boots sizes 5 to 7 - soccer balls - first aid box

He says he has been praying for five years for these items, but has not yet had a response. So my appeal is that we pray together for the work he is doing. There is no doubt in my mind that God can use that young man with such a willing heart.

This has been prayed for 6 times
Last prayed for on May 5, 2017