Maggan Johansson

Please pray for Elise, one of TWR Women of Hope's most devoted intercessors in Sweden. She is more than 81 years old now. She is know by everyone in Sweden, including the King and Queen and police.

Elise was on the streets on Sweden as usual to reach out to the ladies "working" there showing them God's love.  She was later attacked by a gang in the subway hurting her knee very badly. The police said she was surely saved by her angels. 

She was later at the terror attack in Stockholm that happened close to Elise´s church. As she ran away she injured her knee further. Three weeks ago her wallet was stolen with charge cards, etc.. She has been told that besides everything else she is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.

She needs our faithful prayers for God's healing on her body, mind, and emotions. 

She still insists on going to the streets every Friday night to show God's love to the ladies working there.  She is no longer able to deliver the 60 Swedish translations of the TWR Women of Hope prayer calendars to ladies groups around the city.


This has been prayed for 8 times
Last prayed for on Jul 3, 2017