Encouraging others to listen to "Women of Hope"

Tina Sessoms

Pray for women to continue to encourage others to listen to the Women of Hope programs and to pray for their salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Pray for new believers as they join the 62,000 TWR Women of Hope intercessors praying the same prayer requests in 100 languages.

From a 30 year old listener in Albania:

"I want to thank you for your ministry for women. I should say now that I’m a  fruit of your ministry. It started more than 9 years ago when my sisters started to listen to your radio programs. In the beginning I was indifferent and didn’t want to listen to what they were telling me about God. Then my heart started to soften about 4 years ago when I came in contact with a missionary working in our area. She has been a great friend and encourages me to listen to your radio programs. I had heard that you prayed for women around the world and I knew that my sisters have been praying for me. It was strange to me that people were praying for me even without knowing me. Now I am a believer and I really think that prayer can change things. I receive your prayer calendar and pray for women around the world. I know that someone has been praying for me, so I should continue to pray for others, so they can come to Christ. This brings joy to my heart! Thank you!"

This has been prayed for 11 times
Last prayed for on Sep 6, 2018