FGM in Tanzania

Ruth Mbennah

Rejoice that more women and men of Tanzania have made a resolve to change the mindset of people who still mistreat women and girls because of their gender.  

Pray for Joyce and Ruth as they continue networking with other organizations to work with TWR Women of Hope in fighting Gender Based Violence related issues in Tanzania.

Praise God for the women of Mara, in north Tanzania, who are ready to fight against FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Pray that none of the women and children during this battle to stop FGM.

Praise God for the fruit of the Dodoma Dad Campaign. Please pray for men who are choosing to be good dads and not force their daughters to participate in the FGM rituals.  Pray that more men would be willing to marry women who have not participated in the FGM ritual.

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Last prayed for on Apr 10, 2019