Answer to your prayers for Fire in Colorado

Joanne McKnight

After 16 days of the fire and the effects of the smoke that filled our valley every morning, God sent a blessed rain from Bud, the cyclone that approached Mexico.


They had expected a torrent, including dry lightening and big gusty winds and flash flooding.  Instead, God sent a gentle soaking-in type rain ...more than the expected .8”...he sent l.l”...unheard of this time of year for us! 


They cancelled all the evacuation and pre-evacuation orders for the north valley.  There are still evac orders and pre-evac out a road to the west and a very nice subdivision is threatened.  The fire fighters have to be helicoptered in or hike steep terrain to get to where they can fight the fire.  No big windy, red flag type days are predicted this week!  That was a huge problem all last week! 


We praise and adore God for the change in the air quality and the ability to use our cabin again. 


Thank everyone who prayed for us and please pray that this fire gets put out really soon.




Prayer Request: The fire in Colorado is 35 miles north of our residence. Our home is not near the national forest so we are not endangered. However, we have a cabin at the North End of the fire. So far the fire has not crossed the highway on to the east side which is where our cabin is.


2000 people have been evacuated from their homes since June 1.


We would appreciate your prayers for the safety of the firefighters and the people that have been displaced and lost their homes. 


This has been prayed for 8 times
Last prayed for on Jun 26, 2018