host families for 3 chinese from hangzhou

Pauletta Martin

Praise God for supplying housing for three Chinese coming to visit.  One of them had opportunity to share Christ and how to pray and forgive others with 3 different Chinese (Sam and Fujun are new believers, but Matt is Buddhist). Please pray for the continued growth of Sam and Fujun who have not been baptized yet, and salvation for Matt whose mother was a buddhist priest.

Please pray for Allison who resigned her public school assistant teacher in Manhattan and has no idea of God's direction for the next job.

Please continue to pray for my preparation and presentation as I teach 9-10th grade Chinese at RCCC on Sunday and Sam and Fujun on Monday. I'm allowing them to choose topics to study. So the high school chose Job, Romans, and Revelation.

This has been prayed for 5 times
Last prayed for on Dec 12, 2023