International Day for the Unreached

Lisa Hall

Dear Women of Hope Intercessors,

This Sunday, June 9, is International Day for the Unreached. This day was founded by TWR and an alliance of ministries whose heart is to share the message of Jesus Christ to every people group across the globe. Realizing that this goal can better be reach through their combined efforts, they desire to mobilize every follower of Jesus to personally become engaged in this cause.

The heart of this movement is prayer, both for the unreached and to ask God how each of us as believers is to be involved.  At their website, you will find free resources that provide information on unreached people groups and ways to share this information with others.  Download the free mobile “Unreached People of the Day” App, the “Great Commission Action Guide”, or social media resources to assist you in sharing about this day and movement.

This has been prayed for 2 times
Last prayed for on Jun 9, 2019